“If You Could Live Your Life Over Again, What Would You Do Differently?”

Isn’t that a great question? I love that question! It’s what Dr. Gerald Bell, a professor at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, asked 4,000 retired executives. The average age of the people surveyed was 70 years old.

The number one answer was, I should have taken charge of my life and set my goals earlier. Life isn’t practice. It’s the real thing.

2. I would have taken better care of my health.

3. I would have managed my money better.

4) I would have spent more time with my family.

5. I would have spent more time on personal development.

6. I would have had more fun.

7. I would have planned my career better.

8. I would have given more back.

It’s been said that it’s not what we’ve done, but the things we didn’t do, that we’ll end up regretting. Use the wisdom you see here to help you decide what you would do differently. No regrets.


4 thoughts on ““If You Could Live Your Life Over Again, What Would You Do Differently?”

  1. Although i completely understand the idea of living life again, trying to fix what you may or may not of done in the past…
    I would never want to do such a thing.
    Live is filled with joy and sorrow, but thats not what matters. It’s how you react to the sorrow, how you react to the mistakes you’ve made…. <– thats what matters.
    Without pain, suffering, sorrow, etc…. there is nothing to contrast the joy and happiness within our life. we wouldn't understand joy.
    But its a great post, i enjoyed reading it.
    ESPECIALLY the ending, when you stated that life isn't practice…. its the real thing.

    • Well said, Josh! I couldn’t agree more.

      It’s not about looking back, but about looking forward. It’s not about regrets, but possibilities … whether you’re 20 … or 70.

      Thank you for your comment, and your kind words.


  2. I have to say I was going to say the same thing as Josh. He beat me to it.
    We are suppose to learn from everything we have lived through be it good or bad…and I don’t have any regrets.

    Love you,

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