The Scarier Your Goal the Better!

You may have heard of setting SMART goals before. SMART stands for




Realistic, and

Time limited.

Setting a goal such as, “I want to lose 2 pounds a week,” is a SMART goal. “I will weigh (fill in the blank) by December 31, 2011,” is another SMART goal.  That’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m suggesting that you set goals that come from your heart. So much so that they inspire you. So inspired that it’s something that you not just want to do, it’s something you have to achieve it.

Finally, it’s something that gives you chills, literally makes you a bit afraid. If the goal you set is something that gives you an adrenaline rush, it’s worthy of you. What you fear the most, is what you want the most.

I’ll talk more about this in my post on January 2.

2 thoughts on “The Scarier Your Goal the Better!

  1. Hi,
    Seems like you are talking directly to me, Anthony. I am scared about starting my business…I think that’s where my problem with confidence comes in. The other day my friend and her husband and I were at Borders. My friend and I went off together to look at some things and her husband stayed behind to watch our things at the table we were at. When I came back he informed me that he had given one of my business cards to a lady who he overheard talking about pop-up Christmas cards. I talked to the lady, with some prompting from my friends husband, and I showed her some of the pictures of the cards that I had made. She and her mom and daughter were very excited to get to see them, she gave me her email address and asked me to send her a link so she could look at the cards. They told me that I should be expecting a call from them soon to order cards from me. She also told me that they would be referring friends and relative to me! I was so excited…but it made me realize I need to get my act together and get things going soon! I need to get past my anxiety and doubts and just do it.
    Love you Anthony…and thank you!

  2. Hi Melanie!
    I’m not surprised that when people see your cards, they want to buy them! You have a gift that makes people happy!

    Anxiety and doubts are part of the game. I struggled with the same thing. I promise to write about why this is so, and how to get past it all.

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