What Are You Passionate About?

I saw the following post on Facebook – “Only 2 more hours of this stupid jobseeking job to go today and then I’m finished. I become so demotivated every time I do this. I read all this advice… follow your passion, follow your passion. Passion? What passion? I’m not passionate about anything or anybody!”

The woman who posted this said that she lived in the country and the jobs she was interested in she couldn’t get apply for because she didn’t have a car. Well, she had a car but it needed repairs … repairs she couldn’t make because she didn’t have the money. She didn’t have the money because she didn’t have a job … you get the idea.

The word “passion” came into being in the 12th century. It was first used by Christian scholars to reference the willing suffering of Christ. Passion is about suffering. Not suffering simply for the sake of suffering, but willing suffering.

Most people think of passion as a deep or romantic love. But true passion is about being willing to suffer for what you love.

In the case of the woman who posted the above, what she really is saying is that she hasn’t found a job that she’s willing to make a sacrifice for. The word “sacrifice” comes from two Latin words, “sacra,” which means “sacred,” and “fice,” which means “to perform.”

What you are truly passionate about, you make sacred. You’re so devoted to it, you’re willing to move mountains to make it happen. Nothing can, or will, stop you from making a goal, or dream, you’re passionate about a reality.

What are you devoted to making happen in 2011?


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