My New Year’s Resolution to You

Today is the day most people talk about their New Year’s resolutions; they talk about what they’re resolving to do in the coming year. Then a couple of weeks from now news cameras show people who resolved to lose weight this year enjoying an ice cream cone. “Oh well,” they say with a smile, “maybe next year.”

The word “resolve” comes from the Latin word, resolvere, which means “to loosen.” This is also where the word “solvent” comes from. I just looked up the definition of the word solvent, and one of the meanings is “something that acts to weaken or dispel a particular attitude or situation.”

This is what true resolve does in our lives. It disables what may be hindering us from having what we want in our lives.

That’s my new year’s resolution to you. To help you shake loose what’s hindering you from living the life you love. We’ll start tomorrow.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution to You

  1. I already told you this, but….Happy New Year, again! I went with my kids tonight to spend some time with them at the fireworks stand that they have been helping at this past week… Their youth group does it every year as a fundraiser, so they have funding to go do fun stuff! We all about froze there (my toes are still thawing out), but it was worth it because we got to see some fireworks at midnight. Then I came home to frozen pipes, but David got them thawed out pretty fast.

    Looking forward to Tomorrows post!

    • I made a fire in the fireplace and Cheryl and I did our best to stay up until midnight. We did it! LOL We toasted the new year with strawberry cider. Yeah, we’re boring! LOL Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. Sounds good. We were just going to stay home but the youth leaders daughter called and asked the kids to go watch fireworks. David was sleeping so I decided to stay with the kids…otherwise I probably would have stayed home and worked on cards.

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