Why We Don’t Have What We Say We Want.

Here’s another post I saw on Facebook. My resolution: Is in NOT making resolutions on New Year’s Day. Instead, I will resolve to make changes in my life as soon as I know they need to occur.

That was pretty much my attitude for years. When my back was against the wall, or when I was hurting enough, that’s when I’d tell myself I’d do whatever I need to in order to make things better. That’s when I’d resolve to make things different.

I’d set goals to earn more money (which I would do, but then I’d simply spend more). I’d lose weight … then put it back on, consolidate my credit card debt … then run up the balances on the cards I paid off,  save money to go on a vacation, only to have to use it for car repairs. When it came to relationships, at the first sign of intimacy I’d be running for the hills.

The truth was (although I didn’t know it at the time) that I wasn’t open to any of the changes I thought I wanted to make, or anything of the things I said I wanted, so they weren’t able to come into my life.

In every moment, each of us actually has all that we are capable of letting into our lives. Our nervous systems are designed to be a filtering out machine with instructions encoded into it as to what to keep out of our life experience, even if it’s something we think we want. If we’re going to have what we say want, we need to discover what programs we’re running, and rewrite the code.

The time to do that is now, not when your back is up against the wall, or you’re confronted with a disease, your lover has left you, or the bill collectors are calling, or worse of all, you’re laying on your death bed regretting what you didn’t do with your life.

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