Become the Person You Admire

Whenever you find yourself admiring a quality in someone else, it’s a quality you yourself have but have been denying. By not acknowledging this quality, you force it to remain dormant. It becomes like a pool of water that stagnates, becoming toxic, turning against you, instead of working for you.

If you want to find out what you’re capable of, ask yourself, “Who do I admire and why?” Whatever it is that draws you to a particular person, whether it’s someone you know personally, or admire from afar, it’s a seed of potential that’s within you, waiting to be nurtured into life.

This week, identify the qualities of that person you’re drawn to, and figure out how you can make them characteristics of your own life. Take action to express each one of the traits for the next 21 days in a row (that’s how long it takes to develop a new habit). In seemingly no time at all, you’ll be displaying the very same qualities you admire in another, and someone else will be inspired by you.

4 thoughts on “Become the Person You Admire

    • Hi James! First of all, i want to thank you for your comment. I’m really happy to hear that this post was helpful to you. Please feel free to continue to share your journey, thoughts, and achievements with me!

      I’m not a “motivational speaker,” I consider myself to be first, and foremost, a spiritual teacher. However, inspirational speaking is definitely part of my own plan for this year, and your suggestion tells me I’m on the right track. Thanks again!


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