Here’s Whom I Admire – Jack Canfield

I thought I’d share with you whom I admire. It’s Jack Canfield. I don’t know him, although a few years ago I did send his company an e-mail asking a question, and Canfield did answer me personally!

I like his vibe, from what I’ve seen on television and on videos.  Whenever I do this exercise with my own clients I typically tell them to pick someone they not only admire, but someone they would love to have breakfast, lunch or dinner with (in my case, it would be all three).

So here’s the list I made about him –



Prolific author

Public speaker


Success coach

I want to be like Jack when I grow up!

2 thoughts on “Here’s Whom I Admire – Jack Canfield

  1. I admire my Grandma Harris because she was Creative, Supportive, She was a teacher…not a school teacher, but she taught me how to grow things and do things and she was always encouraging, she always said “You can do anything you set your mind to.” She encouraged me use my artistic abilities, which I guess goes under supportive. She was a musician, she played the organ. She was very into her family always having gatherings, a great planner.

    • Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman. I do “Creative, supportive, artistic, a great planner,” all of those things are definitely strengths you also possess! In a couple of weeks, I’ll talk about how to make those strengths work for you in order for you to create, even further, the life you want to live this year. Thank you Melanie!

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