“Stupid Oaf”

There’s a story about Nasruddin, a folk hero in the Middle East, who had an appointment with a very wise man who wanted to have a debate with him about God. On the day of the scheduled debate Nasruddin was visiting a friend’s house drinking, eating, playing cards, and having a great time, totally forgetting his appointment.

The scholar showed up at Nasruddin’s door at the time the debate was supposed to happen. After an hour of waiting, the man became enraged and decided to leave, but not before writing, “Stupid Oaf,” on Nasruddin’s door.

When Nasruddin finally found his way home, he saw what was written on his door, and immediately ran to the home of the wise man. “I’m so sorry I missed our appointment,” he told the irate scholar. “To be honest with you, I was enjoying the company of a friend of mine at his home, eating, drinking, and playing cards. I forgot about our debate until I came home and saw that you wrote your name on my door!”

What judgments are you passing on others? Yeah, I know, there really are a number of “stupid oafs” out there. But what if one of them, at least in your eyes, is you? When we pass judgment on others, we are really doing nothing more than judging ourselves.

Let me ask you a question. You have big goals and dreams. You want to change something in your life, but you’re judging yourself to be a “stupid oaf.” Is it any wonder you’ve had such a hard time making your dreams a reality?

Stop judging others, and you’ll stop condemning yourself as being too “stupid” to create the life you dream of having.


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