90 Day Experiment – Day 3

This morning I woke up and went through my afformations. I began thinking about my intention for the 90 Day Experiment and suddenly a number of things became clear for me; a number of questions were answered. I could see, even more clearly, what I wanted to do by the end of this “experiment.”

I know you’re wondering what I’m talking about, but it’ll become clear as the 90 days roll on. I’ll be posting what I’m doing as the puzzle comes together.

One interesting thing that did come up about an hour and a half later was fear. I mean adrenaline pumping fear. It had nothing directly to do with what came to me this morning, but  an issue I’m currently dealing and have been dealing with for a long time now.

It had to do with an emotional addiction I have, though I thought I had dealt with it. It seems to be the same addiction, but on a deeper level. Ironically, it had me questioning if I were sabotaging myself, and the solution I came up with to deal with the feelings would have involved the same self-sabotaging behavior I used before.

I’m still working on discovering the belief that’s underneath the fear I felt, so I can retire it once and for all. Otherwise, no matter what I do during the next 90 days, the tension, and the results, will still be there.

The thought did occur to me though, “Maybe I’m just angry.”


4 thoughts on “90 Day Experiment – Day 3

  1. hi, abby from the massage spot (coffee some time?) remember me? just found your post so i’ll have to start today, 3 days behind schedule. i have been having a lot of fear and was reading a book, steering by starlight today. she talked about the reptilian brain, it’s science, it’s biology, it’s in there telling us to fear, worry etc. . . she said to draw a picture of your inner lizard (or get a piece of jewelry etc. . ), name it and then when your inner lizard gets going with all that fear and criticism etc treat it with loving kindness. i’ve said today a million times already, “nice lovely lily lizard, thanks for sharing, that’s enough.” pat her on the head, give her a little rub 🙂 it also gave me a very good idea. . . time for some fun dreaming!

    • Hi Abby! Thanks for the comments and suggestions! I well aware of the “reptilian brain,” but never thought to do the whole “inner lizard thing.” LOL It does sound like it would work though! I like the idea of embracing the emotions as they come up with love, instead of fighting them.

    • That, my dear friend, is what this blog is all about! Cudos, and thanks again for sharing this great technique with us!

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