Why Participate in the “90 Day Experiment?”

Even though it’s “Day 3” of the “90 Day Experiment,” I thought I’d write about why you might even consider taking part in this “experiment.” Starting today, if you haven’t started already.

The true purpose of this “experiment” is to uncover the beliefs you have which say that you’re not the luminary: sage, wise one, high priest or priestess, wizard, and supreme manifestor. Ultimately, that’s the real reason for participating in this game – to reclaim your greatness. To help you remember who you really are, why you’re here, and what you came here to accomplish.

Does your intention have to be grandiose? Absolutely not. Especially if that thought is what’s stopping you from playing this game with me.

It can be as simple as identifying what you don’t want. Then identify what you do want. Finally, go through the steps I’ve outlined on Day 1.

86 days from now, if you don’t play, what’s going to be different? Chances are, not a damned thing.

What if you do? Who knows what the answer will be, and where you’ll end up?

Make this an adventure! An exploration into the greatest mystery ever known to man – YOU.

It’s time to stop playing small, giving in to your fears. It’s time to shine your light!

2 thoughts on “Why Participate in the “90 Day Experiment?”

  1. Loving the idea mate, I’ve started up a 365 day challenge so we are on the same page! I’ll be following your posts to see how yours go along 🙂

    Keep up the good work, and nice mini pitch by the way, you have me interested!

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