90 Day Experiment – Day 5 – Did I mention that there’s a drawback to doing this?

My plan was to write these posts later in the day, or at night, and kind of update you as to what I’m doing during my 90 day experiment – hopefully to serve as inspiration. I kept thinking that one of the drawbacks of doing this is that some people, instead of doing the “experiment” themselves, would just watch to see what happens with me before they do something.

This morning, I found out that there’s another drawback – lack of sleep!

Last night Cheryl and I went to see a film contest. One of Cheryl’s co-workers is a film maker, and was entered in the contest, so she asked if I would go with her to support him.

The films were all based on “sides.” I didn’t know what a “side” was until last night, and I’ll do my best to try to explain it to you now. A “side” is a one page script an actor who is auditioning for a part is given. The idea of the contest was that each film maker was given a side (they all received the same one) and then had 72 hours to film, and edit, their interpretation of the side. So in the nine films we saw, you heard the same lines in each film, but from there, you didn’t know what to expect.

I was impressed with the sheer fact that the films were shot, edited and submitted in 72 hours, as per contest rules. Most of them were quite good. As I was watching the films and thinking about this part of it, I began thinking about my own intention for this experiment.

How much time would it take me to write my book?

Do I really need 90 days to write it?

Could I get it written, and published, in 90 days?

That sort of thing.

Came home, and after reading my afformations, I was asleep shortly after 11 pm – and wide awake at 2:30 am. I could tell an idea was germinating in my head. I think I fell back asleep by 3:00.

Wide awake at 6:10 am. The idea that was taking shape at 2:30 was now a full blown inspiration. I was so excited … let’s just say I’ve been up for almost two hours now … and I really wanted to sleep in today!

In case your wondering, it had to do with the book I’ve started writing, but now the thesis of the book is a little different. And it answers a conflict I was dealing with as to what I want to do with it once I’m done with the first draft – in about 10 days or so (at least that’s my plan)!

By the way, you can see the films I saw by going to http://www.mocksides.com. I heard that the films are available to view online, but I think you have to subscribe to their YouTube Channel to see them.

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