Is This What You Really, Really, Really, Want? Really?

I was listening to a cd featuring Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. I’m a huge fan of Chopra, though both men are on the list I have of people I admire.

Chopra was talking about all of us being “magicians;” capable of manifesting our fantasies. I remembered how when I was young, I used to watch “Bewitched” and wished I could mutter an incantation, or spell, and what I desired would just appear. Now that I’m a bit wiser, I know what a horrible idea that would be.

On average, our attention span is 6 seconds long. Then it’s off to something else. Can you imagine manifesting something every six seconds, and then it’s gone? Or what if you get what you want, and change your mind about it? One moment you’re on a beach, and 7 seconds, you’re in city. You’re with someone you love, and 7 seconds later ….

That’s the reason why we don’t manifest our desires immediately. It allows us time to answer the question God asks, “Is this really what you want? Is this what you really, really, really, want?”

Whatever is going on in your life right now, you’ve wanted it longer than what you want to manifest during this experiment. But what you’re doing during the next 84 days to create what you do want, is the exact same process you used to create, in your life, what you don’t want now. That should be, to some degree, proof that what I’m teaching you works.

As I listened to these two incredible minds, I also wondered, “Why aren’t we magicians?” Or “sorcerers (of the Source)” as Dyer would put it.

I’ll talk about that, tomorrow.

Wishing you the very best life has to offer to you,



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