90 Day Experiment – Day 7 – I Have My Smile Back Again!

After yesterday, today was an awesome day! I just felt lighter.

I coached an executive coach and helped him find his focus, by helping him find his passion. He found out that coaching isn’t where his heart is, and it was obvious what a relief that was. He started his business and climbed up the ladder of “success.” He kept feeling that something was wrong, and he couldn’t place his finger on it.

I helped him realize his ladder was on the wrong wall. I also helped him realize what wall his ladder should be against. What was interesting is that he’s made a vision board of what he wanted to do, but thinking he couldn’t do it, only made him sad. I outlined for him how I was going to help him make his dream a reality.

He and I still have a lot of work to do, but he found his smile again.

So did I.

No writing other than blog posts today, but the more people I’m coaching, the more I see that I have much more to say than I have time to say it during a session! I really want to write this book.




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