The “Self-made” Myth

There’s a story about a master who gathered his students together to share a secret with them. “What I’m about to share with you,” he told them, “you must keep to yourselves if you want to be masters such as myself. You must not share it with anyone outside of this circle. If you do, you’ll never be a master. You’ll forever be nothing more than a guru.”

When all of the students of the master said that they understood, the master said his secret with them. One of the students immediately ran out into the streets and shared the secret he was just taught with everyone who would listen.

Horrified, his fellow students ran to their master and told him about the student sharing the secret he had just learned.

The master simply smiled and said, “I knew he would understand what needed to be done.”

Enlightened individuals are magnetic, and want to enlighten everyone. This can be an unwanted activity in a world in which people are asleep and don’t want to wake up. I had a program I was doing helping people create healthy and happy relationships. I received a message, on Christmas Day of all things, saying, “Why don’t you just shut up and quit trying to make money off of women when they are most vulnerable?”

Whatever you’re intention is for this 90 Day Experiment, find someone you can learn wisdom from regarding what you want to manifest, and study.

Contrary to popular myth, there is no such thing as a “self-made” man or woman. Everyone who is living the life they love had help along the way, and continues to look for it even though they’ve “arrived.”

Keep in mind what I’ve said before, don’t believe “authorities,” trust your own experience.

Wishing you all of the good in life,


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