90 Day Experiment – Day 11 – I Receive a Sacred Sign

Last night I was watching a television show called, “Million Dollar Listing.” It made me think of someone I knew, Peter, years ago, who was a real estate broker. I wondered how he was doing these days.

Today I went to a very busy mall, and who do I see? Yup. Peter. He was leaving as I was coming in. I hadn’t seen him for at least 5 years.

I’ve been thinking of publishing the book I’m writing for this experiment as an e-book, initially. Peter and I talked for a bit and he told me that he just put an e-book he wrote on Amazon three days ago! He told me that he submitted his book to several agents and after receiving 20 quick rejections, he decided to self publish. I love the resilience!

He also gave me some great advice as to how to go about converting my manuscript into an e-book. I’m taking this as a sign that an e-book is the way to go, initially.

You can find Peter’s book, “The Horror of the Shade,” as I was saying, on Amazon. His full name is Peter Meredith.

I love the way God makes things happen.




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