It’s Time to Take Your Power Back

Last week, I talked about the ways we give up our power. We have not only forgotten that we are magicians, but that we are the magic.

We’ve been taught to deny our needs and desires, to ignore our magical heritage, our intuition, our point of view. All of this results in us losing access to the magic, the power, that is within us. It’s time to take our power back.

In order to reclaim your power you have to honor your needs, your desires, and yourself. You have to trust yourself enough to stop defining who you are by external standards, and listen to your heart, trusting that within it are your highest and best interests.

Spirituality is about standing in your truth about who you are and what you want, even if doing that disappoints someone else.

Where in your life have you given up some of your power, and what do you need to do to take it back?

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