90 Day Experiment – Day 15 – “Well, I’ll Be Diggered!”

I’ve already mentioned that I’m doing two (2) 90 Day Experiments concurrently. One I started at the beginning of the year, and the second one I started on February 1st, so that I could write about my experience while I was doing it.

Anyway, the way I’ve been doing this experiment is to follow a certain formula – Desire, Intent, Choice, Change – for forty days. Why forty days? A couple of reasons; one is that in scriptural writings 40 is a common time period. In Jewish scriptures Moses and his followers wandered in the desert for forty years. Noah was tossed around on the waters for 40 days. Prophets typically went out into the desert for 40 days. In Christian scriptures, Jesus spent 40 days in the desert. Buddha spent 43 days under a tree before receiving enlightenment.

It takes forty days for consciousness to accept a new truth.

The following 50 days are for the “Law of Gestation” to take place. (I’ll explain that in a later post.)

Well, I finished the 40 days of the first experiment, and the first thing that happened is that I realized that I really am supposed to be doing something more! (Following Wayne Dyer’s advice, I’m not going to talk about this just yet.)

Another thing I realized, this morning as I was laying in bed, was that I had literally blown past the intention I set for the first 90 day experiment! And didn’t even realize it! There is a second part to my intention, and I’m going to allow the Law of Gestation to do it’s thing for the next 44 days. I did, however, plant some new beliefs in my subconscious mind due to some realizations I had around the second part of my intention.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to write my book (which will be released as an e-book) because it plays a huge part in my epiphany from the first experiment.


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