90 Day Experiment – Day 18 – I received a great “sacred sign” today!

I think tomorrow, if not in the near future, I’m going to have to write about “sacred signs” and how to receive them. Personally, I rely on them if I’m really not sure of what step(s) I need to take next.

I have an opportunity which will prove very beneficial to not only myself, but my clients as well. It would even the basis of a book I can write in the future. But it involves an investment and I’ve wondered if I should use the money for other purposes.

A number of “signs” kept popping up saying it was the thing to do. For example, I received an e-mail about another class (a one day class) on the same subject, but one that cost more money than the 10 day event I was considering!

Then I saw a book in my library covering the same material. “I’ll just use the book as a reference,” I said to myself. But I kept getting this nagging feeling ….

Finally, this past Tuesday I decided to ask for a sign from God if the investment was a wise choice. I asked that if it is, God show me a sign in the form a penny (my favorite sign). I asked to be shown the penny within 24 hours (it was 2 pm).

The next day I was running errands and new ideas that I hadn’t planned as to what I needed to do kept popping up. It was literally one of those go straight, turn right, turn left, sort of things. I kept wondering why this was happening until I came upon a penny laying on the ground.

I knew it was a sign, but what had I asked for? I honestly couldn’t remember! Was it about the money for the course?

“Better safe than sorry,” I thought. I asked for another sign, another penny. It was 1 pm, one hour before the deadline I asked before, but this time I asked for a sign by 3 pm, Thursday (yesterday).

To be honest with you, 3 pm came and went, and I forgot all about it. “Oh well,” I thought, “it’s just as well. I wasn’t sure I wanted to use the money in that way anyway.”

This morning I received a call for an appointment. The fee more than covered the cost of the investment I was thinking of making, still I wasn’t sure. After all, I didn’t see the penny I asked for by 3 pm yesterday …. I was okay now with not doing the course.

This afternoon I decided I wanted to deposit checks I was carrying into my bank account, and so I drove up to my bank and parked in a space that I picked “randomly.” I got out of my car when, lo and behold, I look down and there are three pennies laying on the ground next to my car! I couldn’t help but laugh as I bent down and picked them up. “Okay Lord,” I said, out loud. “I hear you. I get the message loud and clear.”

I just love the way God gets a point across!

I’ll share with you how to use this in your own life. If you’re skeptical about the whole “pennies from heaven” thing, I’ve taught this to clients who have used it with everything from quarters, to dollars, to ballerinas (I’m serious about the ballerinas. When she got her sign she was so stunned she called me to make sure it was for real!)

I’ll try to post about this tomorrow, but if not tomorrow, I will by next Wednesday. I promise.



P.S. I’m putting the three pennies someplace special, to remind me of how awesome God is!

5 thoughts on “90 Day Experiment – Day 18 – I received a great “sacred sign” today!

  1. i think just the asking is important. . . i need to ask but having the symbol is a good thing too. i’ve been taking notice of animals then looking up the totem medicine and a lot of times that’s been helpful, but why haven’t i just asked. . . ok i’m asking

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  3. I remember asking for a sign…I can’t remember for what…but I found a quarter resting on a spot(between my shoulder and my chest) on the shirt I was wearing. I don’t know how it got there or even how long it was there or how it stayed where it was at because at the time, I was having a lot of problems with discomfort in my feet and I could not sit still for more that three or four minutes at a time. I was pretty amazed to find the quarter where it was at.

    • Very cool!

      You want to hear something funny? I’ve still been going back and forth on this whole thing, not about making the investment, but when. Well, this morning I woke up and found a penny stuck to my chest. I couldn’t help but laugh.

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