Challenge Your Shadow Box!

Jesus once said that we should love our enemies as we love ourselves. This was revolutionary as far as Jewish thinking went back then.

I’d like to suggest something else “revolutionary.” What if the enemy he was saying you should love is you?

I have a small collection of baseball cards in a couple of “shadow boxes.” Here’s a definition of what a shadow box is from Wikipedia,

A shadow box is an enclosed case used with a scene or object(s) that has been specially designed to let light pass through from only one angle, so that objects within are less susceptible to damage from light.

The truth is that we all have “shadow boxes” in which we keep our collection of reasons why we can’t do something, reinforcing our limitations.

“I shouldn’t have said that.”

“I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I can’t believe how stupid I am.”

“Why bother? I’m not going to be or have what I want anyway. I’m too fat/skinny/young/old/sick/unimportant to _________________.

You have a choice. You can listen to it and believe it because it’s coming from you, and it must be true, or you can ask yourself, “Is this true?” My recommendation is that you challenge it, and find out.


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