Asking For, and Receiving, a Sacred Sign

This is something I’ve used, and taught others, and I’m always amazed at how it works. The way I do it is quite simple, although I’ve known people I’ve taught this to who have made it difficult.

The way it works is this … when you have a question that you are struggling with, and want clarity, simply ask God (or Source, the Universe, Shakti and Siva, Christ, Buddha, etc.) for a sign as to what to do. The way I ask varies, but essentially it’s along the lines of, “If I what I’m thinking of doing is in alignment with my soul’s purpose, please send me a sign of ___________.” Usually, I’ll ask for a penny, though I’ve asked for quarters, dollars, or an obscure symbol. My favorite is a penny though.

I then, typically, put a time limit on my request. I’ve asked for a sign in as little as an hour, or as long as a week. Usually, I’ll put a 24 hour time limit on it though. Now, you might think that asking for a penny would be playing it on the safe side as far as signs go, but there have been times I’ve asked and not seen one.

Once I asked for a penny at 9 pm, and put a 24 hour time limit on it. The next day I didn’t see a penny anywhere. At 8:45 pm the next night, I thought, “Well, I guess I received my answer.” The next moment, nature started calling. I walked into my bathroom when, lo and behold, next to the toilet was a penny! Since I work from home I was in and out of that bathroom all day long, and did not see that penny before that moment.

The very next day, what I was asking about manifested.

You don’t have to ask for a penny or anything specific whatsoever. The problem is that if you don’t, you might not be sure if, and when you do receive your sign. I remember one time when I didn’t ask for my usual penny. I was in a book store in Manhattan Beach, California. I saw a book that could have been a sign. Then in another section I saw another book by the same author, written on a subject along the same lines as the previous book I had seen.

“Is this a sign?” I wondered. I was so torn about whether it was or not, I didn’t act on what I had seen as a sign.

One thing I do recommend is that you write down what you’ve asked about, the sign you’ve asked for, and any time limit you put on receiving your sign.

That in a nutshell is what asking for a sign is about.

If you decide to do this, I would love to hear your experience with it. Please write to me in comments and let me know.


6 thoughts on “Asking For, and Receiving, a Sacred Sign

  1. Hi Abby,
    Your worry is exactly why you’re asking for this particular sign. It is a dare. I remember a woman who asked for the oddest things, like horses and ballerinas. When both “signs” showed up, she freaked out!

    As her coach I couldn’t help but wonder if she really wanted what she was asking about with regards to receiving a sign (I was coaching her on creating and manifesting a healthy relationship). I will tell you this, after she received both of her signs, I didn’t hear back from her.

  2. ya i wonder if i really want what i’m asking for too! hehe. . . i’ve been wondering if i should get an office to practice massage in. i keep flip flopping about it, i’ll let you know!

  3. What a great question to ask for a sign about! Definitely something I would use this for.

    I can tell you already why you’re hesitant about even asking for a “sacred sign.” It’s because you have a number of other questions under this one. For example –

    “If I get a yes to my question, how much rent can I afford? Will I have enough clients to pay for rent for my office, my personal expenses, and my personal wants and needs?”

    Am I correct here? (That’s my question to you! LOL)

    By the way, thank you so much for posting this under comments instead of on Facebook, or sending me an e-mail or Facebook message. Your comments will help a lot of people who are reading this struggling with a similar issue.

    You are a rock star, Abby Jane!

  4. you’re a rock star really 🙂
    i feel kind of guilty getting all this info for free! it’s worth a lot.
    no $2 bill today. i every time i did a massage i was kind of excited to see what they were going to pull out of their wallet for me. . .

    and you’re right i do have lots of those other questions!

  5. Thank you Abby Jane! You’ve inspired me to write a post I hadn’t intended to write.

    Of course, I would have been really excited to hear that someone did pull out a 2 dollar bill for you!

    I have to ask, did anyone give you a $2 tip? LOL

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