90 Day Experiment – Day 28 – I Received My Sign After All!

If you’ve been following my blog you know that a few days ago I was inspired to change the focus of my coaching practice (which I started January 2 of this year). I wrote a quick post about it and that I was going to ask for a sacred sign in the form of a quarter, which I did, but mentioned that I’d take a penny just to be on the safe side.

Then the next morning I was sitting on one of our recliners writing ebook and Cheryl told me that breakfast was ready. As I was washing my hands, she asked me, “Did you ask for a sign from God?” she asked me. I hadn’t told her what I had asked for the night before, so I wondered why she asked. “There’s a penny on the floor next to your recliner,” she told me.

I acted on my inspiration, but to honest with you, as late as this evening, in the back of my mind I was thinking, “I did ask for a quarter. I wonder if I was just reaching by accepting the penny Cheryl saw, even though it was next to the recliner.”

Not only was I wondering about this, but I was anxious to the point of wondering if I was doing the right thing by acting on the “sign.” I kept wondering, “What if I made a mistake and shouldn’t be following this path?”

Well, a few minutes later, all of my doubts were put to rest. I was moving my recliner because a couple of sections of the throw rug underneath it were buckled. I lifted the front of the recliner to push it back and as soon as I did I almost dropped it again when I saw, underneath it, a quarter.

I think I should explain that the chair is a Lane recliner with a round wooden base underneath that allows me to swivel it 360º. The quarter was underneath the base. When Cheryl put the chair in this particular spot, a few days before, she vacuumed the very spot I found the quarter. I picked the quarter up, and as I bent over to do so, lo and behold, I found another penny right next to it.

Who says that the creator of the Universe doesn’t have a sense of humor? Especially when it comes to dealing with a knucklehead like me.

My confidence is restored in the inspiration I received.


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