90 Day Experiment – Day 29 – Is This What’s Referred to as a Mulligan?

With everything that’s going on in my life right, I’m pushing forward writing my ebook. I’m cruising along thinking I’ll have this thing done in short order.

Something’s bugging me. Something’s not right. I’m not sure what it is.

Last Saturday I’m discovering disempowering beliefs I didn’t know I had. I discover I had a meme (pronounced “meem”), a “mind virus” that’s been infecting my thoughts for years now. (I’ll talk about memes in a post in the very near future.)

Today, I discovered a belief I had (I say “had” because I’ve taken steps to remove it and replace it with another one already) I would have sworn up and down, and bet my bottom dollar I didn’t have.

Then I fall asleep tonight and wake up a short time later thinking about my ebook (my intention is to write and publish it during the period of this experiment), and I realize what’s bugging me about it. I just looked at what I’ve written and I realize I’m going to have to rewrite about 90% of what I’ve written in order to follow my new inspiration regarding it.

That’s okay, because not only will what I end up writing change my life, it’ll change a lot of other people’s lives as well. Maybe even yours.

Blessings, and good night.


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