March 8, 2011 – Your Homework for This Week.

When you start counting the small blessings in your life, you automatically open yourself to receive more. Here’s your homework for this week.

Make a list of all of the things in your life that you’re grateful for, especially those people and things you usually take for granted. Whenever you’re feeling as though you’re idle, with nothing to do, practice the art of gratitude. Like when you’re sitting at a red light while you’re driving, or you’re standing in line at the supermarket.

Watch what happens by this time next week.

2 thoughts on “March 8, 2011 – Your Homework for This Week.

  1. i just did that the other day. . . filled a whole page. I also read about this blessings meditation in Yoga International Magazine where you close your eyes and invision people and say “blessings to. . . “. i was doing it the other day while slow @ whole foods with my eyes closed and a woman walked by and said “blessings”! i’ve been crazy blessed. . . i won’t get more than i can bare 🙂

    • Very cool, Abby! Acknowledging what we’re grateful for takes us out of what I call “survival mode.” Rather than thinking about what we may lack, we think about what we have, and what we focus on expands. Blessings!

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