How Worthy Do You Think You Are?

The price you’re willing to pay for anything is determined by what you think it’s worth. Whether it’s a car, purse, clothing, an item on a menu, or living a life filled with passion and purpose.

The level of love, success, fun, and pleasure you allow yourself to receive in your life is determined by how worthy you feel about receiving any of these, and more. True worthiness doesn’t come from what you do, how you look, your job, accomplishments, or your bank account. It comes from deep within you, with or without any of the trappings.

The truth is, however, that not waking up everyday feeling worthy is totally natural. Don’t expect to be in a state of “constant worthiness” of having everything you desire, no matter what the self help gurus tell you.

What you can do is nurture your sense of worthiness the same way you would a child. How? By first exposing the behaviors you engage in that undermine your sense of worthiness, and then by making a conscious effort to find and appreciate your own value, within yourself – as I said before, with or without the outward trappings of “success.”


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