I had a rough time today.

Steve Massing (http://themassings.net/sitesbysteve/) has been working with me on what I’d like my new website to look like. He sent me a few examples to look at and I picked one of them. He’s working really hard to get my site up in the shortest time possible.

For my part, I’m writing, writing, writing. Throwing away what I’ve written, and writing more. Today I finally settled on the content of one of the ebooks I’m writing. How do I know? Because I fought like hell not to write about it! I went back to what I teach my clients all of the time – what you resist the most, is what you need to do the most.

When I finally gave in, surrendered, I felt like hell, like a truck ran me over. I had no energy, and felt somewhat depressed. I went to the grocery, and my groceries were rung up before I realized I didn’t have my wallet on me. I bought one of those “refrigerator boxes” filled with sodas, and when I picked it up, the box tore and cans spilled out all over the floor of the store. I sighed, knowing that people behind me weren’t exactly happy with me, picked the cans up and told the cashier that I’d be back with my wallet – as soon as I returned from driving home and getting it.

The lousy feeling, and everything that happened while I was going through it meant that old beliefs were dying away in the face of my new intention.

2 thoughts on “I had a rough time today.

  1. Hi Anthony.

    I had something come up in my meditation time I would like to ask about. What do you do when some negative image shows itself? For example: I had some very distorted pictures of Jeff. Another time I had some negative women… like prostitutes all sitting in a room waiting for something. And tonight I heard, very clearly, a man sobbing saying, “Oh God! O God!” I wondered who it might be?

    So if I get images that are disturbing or negative seeming, should I just start asking my questions again?

    • Ask your afformations at least 4 times a day, every day, for forty days. Beyond that, ask them whenever you’re having disempowering thoughts of any kind. In fact, you can use those thoughts to come up with more questions.

      As far as the images you’re seeing, I’d just let them come and go.

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