Go Out On a Limb – Here’s Your Homework for this Week!

I’ve mentioned before that I always ask my coaching clients, “If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?” Well, hopefully you’ve been doing the 90 Day Experiment with me (which is rapidly coming to a close) and you have one area in your life that you’ve been working on changing. Maybe it’s in your career, in your health, or your intimate relationships.

Now, write down three things you could do differently; what actions could you take that would not be in your comfort zone that would produce incredible results? For example, you may need to ask for help. Do you need to hire a coach or start having a framework of accountability in place?

Finally, ask three people this week whose opinion you respect, and ask them how they’d go about achieving your goal. Since it’s not their goal, they might have detached  insight that’s valuable for you.

Give up your old attitudes, excuses, reasons, and embrace new ways of doing things. That’s how breakthrough results will start happening for you.


2 thoughts on “Go Out On a Limb – Here’s Your Homework for this Week!

  1. In my life I have noticed something: I have started laughing again! I did not know that I had stopped until I started again and then I realized how long it had been. Do you know that on Friday, I went to supper with a couple of friends and saw some guy dressed as the Easter Bunny? I went up to him and did this whole routine about how I’d always believed in him, etc. We laughed and laughed. On Monday my first client was none other than Santa Clause! Really! I asked him for a photo ID and it said, Santa Clause. I had a lot of fun and thanked him for all the gifts from over the years. Today, driving along I laughed out loud at something my sister said a couple of days ago.
    Anthony! Something is changing in my mind. I hear laughter… and it’s me!

  2. Wow! That’s awesome! When you first came to see me you wanted to reclaim what I refer to as your “original innocence.” Sounds like you’ve rediscovered it! Congratulations!

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