Forgive Yourself

I’ve been talking about healthy self love, and I want to talk today about self-forgiveness. People typically tend to forget all of the good things they’ve done and dwell on their mistakes and shortcomings.

You have no control over the past. Keeping yourself bound to what you’ve done in the past keeps you feeling powerless. Forgiving yourself empowers you. It increases your love of who you are, and frees you from the “chains” of the past, opening the door to a new future, and an extraordinary life.

4 thoughts on “Forgive Yourself

  1. I completed an exercise on Sunday morning where I floated little paper boats down a creek and watched them all float away one by one. I had written notes on each one about forgiveness and said, “I love you!” as I released each little boat. It was really freeing as I watched the water take each one away. There was one boat twice as big as all the others and I left it for last.

    Now I realize that I forgot the most important boat! I should have made a really big boat for myself, maybe even written down the things I was most ashamed of and then gave myself that loving send off. I wonder what that would have felt like?

    • Congratulations on your Satori (realization)! Of course, it’s NEVER too late to forgive yourself and reclaim your life, and the love that are yours.

  2. I have had many patients forgive themselves and others on their death beds. But I want to do that while I am still here. I really want to live the rest of my life with grace and the freedom to be who I was meant to be, who I really am. That is the person of whom I have only had glimpses now and then. I want to be THAT all the time.

    I think I will make another boat today.

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