Forgiving Yourself – Here’s Your Homework For This Week

Forgiveness happens when you quit wishing that the past were different. This week, write out a list of all of the behaviors, and incidents you’ve done, disliked, resisted, or are judging yourself for.

As you read over your list, pause before each item and say to yourself, “Even though I _____________, I still deeply, and completely, love, accept and forgive myself.” For example: “Even though I don’t have a job, I still deeply, and completely, love, accept and forgive myself.” “Even though I’ve abused myself with alcohol, I still deeply, and completely, love, accept and forgive myself.” “Even though I’m 25 pounds overweight, I still deeply, and completely, love, accept and forgive myself.” “Even though I’m living with (cancer, arthritis, heart disease, etc.), I still deeply, and completely, love, accept and forgive myself.”

As you love, accept and forgive yourself through your list, breathe in deeply, feel your feelings, and let go of your guilt and shame. You’ve held onto them long enough.

12 thoughts on “Forgiving Yourself – Here’s Your Homework For This Week

  1. I’ve been wanting to make myself a boat and write myself a letter to forgive myself. I have a lot of things to let go of and it will have to be small writing and a large boat. 🙂
    Thank you for giving me a framework ! I did not know how to begin and this is a great assignment! I’ll do it! I’ll fold it into a boat and float it away and love myself
    Thanks Anthony!

  2. I am early at my desk in my little office, as is my custom. I find that I have only one client on the books today, so today must be the day I can write this letter out carefully. Thanks for the tool. Also, Jeff and I have been “in communication” in a very different way. We are writing the most heart felt emails while he’s in Seattle, back and forth like I do with my friends who live far away. That is thanks to your insight as well. So thanks for your coaching on both counts.

  3. In the list “behaviors, incidents I’ve done, disliked, or resisted or am judging myeslf for…” I do not fully understand the “resisted” part as it pertains to self forgiveness. Would this be things I have left undone?

  4. It could be that, or it could be all of the aspects of yourself that you’re denying exist … aka, your shadow.

  5. LOL , so if I’m denying the shadow self exists, how will I identify it? I guess that is for me to find out. I will ask myself. I came up with a couple shadows that I only recently took ownership of, thanks to my coach. Yikes! You mean there are more? I will ask myself to acknowledge my shadow.

  6. Coaching or therapy are useful in helping identify our shadows (if the coach or therapist is trained to identify it). A sure fire way to identify our shadow is to look at what we’re judgmental about, or enamored with.

    • Wow! That really hit home. “I am someone who_____” ( judgemental) but the enamored with part is a bit tricky. I’ll have to give that a think. Something dark and deep really comes to mind that I’m enamored with. I guess if we are simply neutral then it is not an issue.

      My list is very long!

      • Are you “enamored” with someone? That’s an indication of shadow content. Not only that, but infatuation can also be toxic. Negative energy is something most of us are comfortable expressing as anger, judgment, being critical, etc. Since we’re taught not to “brag” positive aspects of our shadow are often repressed to the point that they become toxic. I wrote a post about this a couple of months ago. You might want to look it up.

  7. Tried to find the post you were talking about but no luck. What was the date and I’ll do that. Thanks, Anthony.

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