Too Good Not to Share!

I found this doing research on a project I’m working on. It’s about curcumin, an extract of tumeric, and is known as a “cancer fighter.”

I wasn’t doing research on cancer, but on a subject that came to me this morning as I was waking up. Anyway I found this, and thought it was so important, I wanted to share it with you, so you can share it with those you love.

“So I dug a little deeper. On the Breast Cancer site, I read that your body absorbs turmeric 2,000 times better if you take it with black pepper and olive oil.

And then in the book Herbs Demystified by Holly Phaneuf, I read the following: “For more of the oil-soluble curcumin to be pulled out of the turmeric, try consuming it with a favorite healthy oil. Since curcumin isn’t water soluble, don’t expect to get much from turmeric tea.”

In the Planta Medica medical journal, I read:

“The medicinal properties of curcumin obtained from Curcuma longa L. cannot be utilised because of poor bioavailability due to its rapid metabolism in the liver and intestinal wall.”

When the researchers combined curcumin with piperine, they found that the piperine increased the bioavailabity of curcumin by 2,000% in humans. Piperine is an alkaloid that’s responsible for the pungency of black pepper.

Once I discovered that piperine made turmeric more powerful, I began looking for a ready-to-take supplement. And that’s when I stumbled upon my secret weapon – LifeExtension’s Super Curcumin with Bioperine. This supplement contains 95% curcumin, and it’s enhanced with 5mg of piperine.

I purchase it at my local health food store. On the Life Extension website it costs

$20.75, plus shipping.

But if you purchase it on the website, it only costs $15.75, with free shipping.”

As I said, I ran across this and don’t know anything more than what you see here, so I highly recommend that you do more research on curcumin, and it’s cancer fighting properties.

I’m not receiving a dime for posting this. I just think that this is something worth looking into!



2 thoughts on “Too Good Not to Share!

  1. What a great web log. I spend hours on the net reading blogs, about tons of various subjects. I have to first of all give praise to whoever created your theme and second of all to you for writing what i can only describe as an fabulous article. I honestly believe there is a skill to writing articles that only very few posses and honestly you got it. The combining of demonstrative and upper-class content is by all odds super rare with the astronomic amount of blogs on the cyberspace.

    • Thank you so much for you kind words! I’m currently working with Steve Massing on a new WordPress website, and I’ll be blogging again once it’s up and running.

      Wishing you the very best life has to offer to you,

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