Is Your Life Going Well, Yet You Still Feel a Nagging Discontent Deep Inside?

Anthony Quinata – Spiritual and Intuitive Coaching

Are you struggling with finding your passion and purpose?

When you feel unsatisfied with life, it’s a sign that your soul is crying out from a need to more fully express your your true self, your authentic nature.

At first, discerning your passion and purpose may seem intimidating, or even impossible. Kind of like being blindfolded and handed a Rubiks cube. Your instructions are to twist the cube until you get all of the colors to line up perfectly. Impossible? No, but it would take some time before you get it right.

How much time? Well, scientists have estimated approximately 6 billion years!

What if you’re blindfolded, given a Rubiks cube, but someone who is an expert with Rubiks cube is brought in to help you. He won’t help you other than to say “yes,” or “no” every time you make a move.

Will it shorten the time it takes you to line up all of the colors? Absolutely. How much time? You should be able to do it in less than two minutes.

Setting goals is a conscious effort. Achieving them is a spiritual one.

As your spiritual coach, I will help you discover your passion and purpose. I’ll help you set goals around them, and in a short period of time, make them an integral part of your life.

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