I have a new website – www.anthonyquinata.com

I want to thank all of you who have supported me on this blog. In late December of 2010, I decided to change my career path to spiritual coaching, and the focus of this blog to reflect the transition.

In February, I was blogging about my 90 Day Experiment, in which I set a goal, and used it to learn more about myself. The result was that I knew I had to create a new website to reach more people.

My new website is an extension of this blog, and will allow me to help more people. I hope you’ll come by and check it out! I like to think of it as this blog on steroids.

Want to Hear a Secret?

Okay, here it is – your subconscious mind runs 95% to 99% of your programming. Your programming determines your reality.

Whatever goals you set for yourself, positive thoughts you think, visualizations you do, affirmations you say, self help books you read, motivational speakers you listen to, etc., … if your subconscious mind is not in agreement, nothing happens. That’s why traditional success programs usually don’t work for most people. They don’t address this issue.

I received my certification in Spiritual Direction 12 years ago. A great deal has been learned about how the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the superconscious mind works since then. One of my passions has been keeping up with the research.

As a coach, the focus of my practice, is to help you get your conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds to work together in alignment for the fulfillment of your desires. Only then will change happen in your life –  lasting, permanent change.

90 Day Experiment – Day 10 – An great article about change

It’s been my experience that people who have done what I’ve outlined in this experiment start seeing changes happening by this time. In other words, the 10 day. Yes, it happens that quickly.

Today I did some writing in my book. It felt good.

I wanted to share with you an article on change that appeared in the Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lee-stranahan/four-practical-steps-to-b_b_820464.html



90 Day Experiment – Day 5 – Did I mention that there’s a drawback to doing this?

My plan was to write these posts later in the day, or at night, and kind of update you as to what I’m doing during my 90 day experiment – hopefully to serve as inspiration. I kept thinking that one of the drawbacks of doing this is that some people, instead of doing the “experiment” themselves, would just watch to see what happens with me before they do something.

This morning, I found out that there’s another drawback – lack of sleep!

Last night Cheryl and I went to see a film contest. One of Cheryl’s co-workers is a film maker, and was entered in the contest, so she asked if I would go with her to support him.

The films were all based on “sides.” I didn’t know what a “side” was until last night, and I’ll do my best to try to explain it to you now. A “side” is a one page script an actor who is auditioning for a part is given. The idea of the contest was that each film maker was given a side (they all received the same one) and then had 72 hours to film, and edit, their interpretation of the side. So in the nine films we saw, you heard the same lines in each film, but from there, you didn’t know what to expect.

I was impressed with the sheer fact that the films were shot, edited and submitted in 72 hours, as per contest rules. Most of them were quite good. As I was watching the films and thinking about this part of it, I began thinking about my own intention for this experiment.

How much time would it take me to write my book?

Do I really need 90 days to write it?

Could I get it written, and published, in 90 days?

That sort of thing.

Came home, and after reading my afformations, I was asleep shortly after 11 pm – and wide awake at 2:30 am. I could tell an idea was germinating in my head. I think I fell back asleep by 3:00.

Wide awake at 6:10 am. The idea that was taking shape at 2:30 was now a full blown inspiration. I was so excited … let’s just say I’ve been up for almost two hours now … and I really wanted to sleep in today!

In case your wondering, it had to do with the book I’ve started writing, but now the thesis of the book is a little different. And it answers a conflict I was dealing with as to what I want to do with it once I’m done with the first draft – in about 10 days or so (at least that’s my plan)!

By the way, you can see the films I saw by going to http://www.mocksides.com. I heard that the films are available to view online, but I think you have to subscribe to their YouTube Channel to see them.

Why Participate in the “90 Day Experiment?”

Even though it’s “Day 3” of the “90 Day Experiment,” I thought I’d write about why you might even consider taking part in this “experiment.” Starting today, if you haven’t started already.

The true purpose of this “experiment” is to uncover the beliefs you have which say that you’re not the luminary: sage, wise one, high priest or priestess, wizard, and supreme manifestor. Ultimately, that’s the real reason for participating in this game – to reclaim your greatness. To help you remember who you really are, why you’re here, and what you came here to accomplish.

Does your intention have to be grandiose? Absolutely not. Especially if that thought is what’s stopping you from playing this game with me.

It can be as simple as identifying what you don’t want. Then identify what you do want. Finally, go through the steps I’ve outlined on Day 1.

86 days from now, if you don’t play, what’s going to be different? Chances are, not a damned thing.

What if you do? Who knows what the answer will be, and where you’ll end up?

Make this an adventure! An exploration into the greatest mystery ever known to man – YOU.

It’s time to stop playing small, giving in to your fears. It’s time to shine your light!

My Intention for the “90 Day Experiment”

My intention for the next 90 days is to write another non-fiction book. This is an intention I set at the beginning of the year.

I was going back and forth between 3 intentions but chose this one when I saw an Facebook ad about writing a book in 90 days! I took it to be a “sacred sign.”

Day 1 of the “90 Day Experiment”

The word “decision” comes from the Latin words “de cadere,” which means “to kill off.” In other words, something has to go. Choices have to be made; options have to die.

As you’ve learned, if you’ve been following this blog, our memories determine our beliefs. Our beliefs determine the way we “see” reality. The way we see reality determines the choices we make. The choices we make (typically unconsciously), determine the outcomes we experience.

If you haven’t done so already, today is the day to make a choice that will move you forward, today, tomorrow, and every day of this year.

Reflect on an area of your life that you’d like to be different. What is it you want to change? Be specific.

Is there someone you know who is already experiencing in their life what you want to experience in yours?

Write their name down, and all of the characteristics about them that you admire. Claim them as yours by asking, “Why am I __________ (fill in the blank with the characteristic you admire)? Do this as many times as you have characteristics written down.

Create a vision board with images of how you want your life to look different. Look at your board at least twice a day.

What disempowering thoughts do you have around this change? Change them into empowering questions (afformations). Ask these questions at least 5 times a day.

Pay attention to your emotions as you do these exercises. What is the emotional pay off to not making the change you want? Are you addicted to the feeling?

Do all of the above for the next 40 days. If you do this, your life will be dramatically different in 90.