The NASA Experiment

I’d like to tell you about an experiment NASA conducted years ago in order to try to determine what kind of effect being in a weightless environment for long periods of time would have on astronauts. What NASA did was fit astronaut candidates with goggles that literally flipped their field vision 180┬║. They even wore these goggles when they slept. In other words, they saw everything upside down, 24/7.

What is fascinating to me, and important to what we’re doing here, is that 26 days later one of the astronauts literally saw right side up again! Nothing was different about the goggles, and he was still wearing them all of the time, but everything now looked normal to him! Within the next several days the same thing happened to all of the other astronauts in the experiment!

What happened? The brains of the astronauts, under a constant stream of strange new input, created new neural pathways in order to make sense of it. In other words, their brains rewired themselves to make the input “normal.”

NASA continued to conduct this experiment but the difference was that they would allow the goggles to come off for short periods of time. In these experiments, the neural adaptation did not happen! In other words, it took approximately a month (30 days) of constant, consistent, uninterrupted input of new ideas in order for the brain to accept it as normal.

A chicken will lay on an egg for 21 days before it hatches. It takes 21 days to adopt a new habit. It takes forty days for consciousness to realize a new truth. ┬áMark off 40 days, from today (February 17th), and keep asking your, “Why am I …?” questions during this time. In time, approximately 30 days, you’re brain will rewire itself to accept this new information. In forty days, what is new will be normal to your consciousness.

At the end of that time, you won’t be different. You’ll be more like yourself, the person you were born to be. You have the confidence you’ll need for creating the life you want to live.