What is it that you want? A healthy, loving relationship with someone you love and respect, who loves and respects you? A great job? A business of your own? Tons of money? A new house? Abundance? Great! These are all worthy of your attention.

For Chef John Michael, what he wanted was to impress the judges on a Food Network show called, “Chopped.” The essence of the show is that four chefs are given baskets of “mystery ingredients” which they must then make up some sort of dish on the fly which is judged by a panel of celebrity chefs. If the dish a chef makes doesn’t cut it, they’re told, “I’m sorry, but you’ve been chopped.” The chef that makes it through three rounds (appetizers, main course, and dessert competitions), and wins, becomes the “Chopped Champion,” and is rewarded with $10,000.

John Michael talked about going to “two of the best culinary schools in the world. I am that talented.” He also mentioned the facts that he owns his own restaurant, and that the moment he expressed an interest in food his parents were determined that he would be number 1 at what he did.

He then goes on to say that “nothing’s been handed to me on a silver platter. I’ve always been the underdog that’s been working, working, working,  but not getting any of the credit.” He was taking part in this competition to show people that he’s “just as good as anybody out there.”

At the end of the first round John Michael admitted he wasn’t happy with the finished product he was presenting to the judges, but that he didn’t think his dish was bad enough to send him home.

He was the first one “chopped.” Honestly, I was surprised at the judges decision. Then John Michael opened his mouth and everything started to make sense to me.

John Michael protested that he was talented. The judges agreed. But as he walked away he started talking about having to “grind, and grind, and grind to have everything I’ve ever had. But whenever I get into my head that, ‘This is going to happen to me, or, this is going to happen to me,’ it never does.”

What this chef was revealing wasn’t just his disappointment at being “chopped,” but his underlying beliefs as well, a way of thinking that’s keeping him from having what he said he wants.

Let’s take a quick look at what was going on here. John Michael didn’t say he wanted to be “number one.” That was his parent’s dream for him.

Why was he competing? “To show I’m just as good as anybody out there.” If he were a client of mine, I’d ask him, “Exactly, who are you wanting to prove this to?”

Then he talks about having to grind for everything he ever had. Nothing ever happens that way he thinks it should, no matter what he tells himself.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If it does, hang on. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to tell you why. Why your hopes and dreams are constantly being “chopped.”

Then I’ll start talking about what you can do about it to make things different; how to move from wanting to having.