“It’s working!!”

Dan came in to see me for one on one coaching. I just received this note from him today –

It’s working!! Everything is falling into place since I’ve seen you over the weekend. I have had design work and shows literally falling into my lap ever since! One show I feel is completing a cycle in my artistic career, I get to display my work with my first collector DJ Z-Trip at NEFF & Sony PiiQ’s SNOWDOWN 2011 presented by Never Summer w/ DJ Z-TRIP I am honored, humbled & happy! Anthony thank you so much!! Peace and Respect. Dan

Rachel, who has also seen me for one on one coaching, commented on “Yours for the Asking” that she’s been applying what she’s learning and is having an “amazing 2011.”

I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to hear this. Thank you Rachel! Thank you Dan!

I’d love to hear from you too!