Why You’ll See “It” When You Believe It

Have you ever been to Saskatchewan, Canada? I have. I drove through there. Lots of wide open roads. I even received a speeding ticket from one of Saskatchewan’s finest who was driving a several kilometers in front of me (it’s a long story).

From that moment on, I drove a lot more carefully. It’s a good thing too. I might have hit an airplane if I hadn’t.

I didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out that Saskatchewan has a particular problem I hadn’t heard of anywhere else (although, of course, that doesn’t mean this doesn’t happen anywhere else). Whenever light aircraft run into engine trouble, pilots would often try to land on one of Saskatchewan’s many open highways that were relatively devoid of traffic. Unfortunately, something that happened was that once they landed, they didn’t have enough momentum to actually continue going forward until they were off the side of the road, instead of being on the road, and cars would hit them.

When questioned by police, the drivers would typically say that the plane came out of “nowhere.” They didn’t see the plane before they hit it.

An insurance company having to pay out huge amounts of money in claims decided to find out what going on. Their conclusion?

The last thing people driving on a freeway expected to see was an airplane. So they don’t. They literally do not see the plane until they hit it.

I once read that when the Native Americans first saw explorers coming off of their ships, because they (the Native Americans) had never seen a ship before, what they saw was men seemingly come out of the sky! It was only after being continually exposed to the large ships that they, gradually, began to see them.

Here’s the formula –  Memory (of the past) becomes what we perceive. What we perceive becomes what we observe. What we observe affects our reality.

When you put your images on your vision board, you are, in a sense, creating memories of the “past.” Remember, your unconscious, habitual mind doesn’t perceive past or future. It only operates in the present.

If you put a picture of your new skinny body on your board, eventually, you will begin to see a skinny body in the mirror. Same thing goes for relationships, vacations, material possessions, careers, etc. You’re only limited by your imagination, and if you can read this sentence, you have enough imagination to manifest whatever is on your board into your everyday reality.

One mistake I’ve seen people (including myself) make is that once they’ve created their board, they put it up somewhere and never really look at it again. Oh, they see it, but they don’t look at it. For this to work, you must look at what you’ve created!

Ideally, you do this at least twice a day. Doing so makes your images a memory before they even happens. Memory becomes belief, which becomes what you see “out there,” which, in turn, becomes your reality.

It all starts with memory, even if you have to make the memory up. Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference.

Here’s the final key to making this work. As you’re looking at an image on your board, and creating “memories” around it, feel the emotions that you would feel if it were actually happening now. Emotions, positive or negative, exist to make sure we keep something in our long term memory. Once again – Memory (of the past) becomes what we perceive. What we perceive becomes what we observe. What we observe becomes our reality.