You’ve Been Warned!

There’s a story from the Muslim tradition about a Dervish and his student. They were walking down a dirt road, when they saw a carriage speeding towards them.

The road they were on was narrow, so they had to jump into a ditch in order to avoid being run over. The student jumped out of the ditch running after the carriage waving his fist. His teacher ran by him yelling at the carriage, “May all of your deepest desires be fulfilled!”

Stunned by his teacher’s words, the student stopped running and said, “They almost killed us, and you’re blessing them? Why would you do that?”

“Son,” the Dervish said with a smile, “if their deepest desires were fulfilled, do you think that they could treat us, or anyone else, the way they did?”

When we’re hurt in life or love, our first impulse is close off our hearts. When we do that, we close ourselves off to our deepest desires as well.

Just for today, let go of your hurt, open your heart, look inside, and ask yourself, “What is my deepest desire? The one thing I’m afraid to admit to wanting, especially to myself.”

It’s there. Make sure that an image of whatever that is finds it way on your board.

Then, if you really feel you want to, close your heart back up again. But I’ve got to tell you, it’ll be a lot harder to do this time. The cat will be out of the bag, and may not allow you to put it back in.

Yeah, I know it’s scary, but believe me, it’s worth it. It will definitely change your life – for the better.

You’ve been warned!