What A Relief!

The issue of whether we do a detailed statement of intention, or if we do it in such a way that we leave it open for the universe to find a way to do it? Generally, it’s the latter.

William Tiller, Ph.D.

Dr. Tiller wasn’t speaking of vision boards. He was referring to an experiment he conducted in which meditators were able to drastically change the Ph of water.

The reason I put his quote in here is because what he had to say certainly applies here, as well. Focus on what you want your results to be (your pictures), and let the God supply the details as to how it happens.

In other words, relax. Decide what you want to see in your life, then sit back, and enjoy the show.

Am I saying that you just put some pictures on a poster board, do nothing, and your life will magically changes? Not at all.

Well, sort of.

I’ll explain what I’m talking about in my next post, but for now, I think I’ll let your conscious mind squirm a bit.