What Is a “Spiritual Coach?”

First and foremost, a coach is a teacher, and a friend, probably the most important friend you could have. Coaches are essential to our lives not because they’re so much smarter, older, or more knowledgeable about spirituality, but because they can see the heights of our potential, and they aren’t afraid to push us there.

When you feel like you’re beyond help, I’ll boost you back up and help you see things for what they really are. I’ll believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself anymore.

I won’t help you because I want you to love me, but I do know that I’m just a channel for the Light and that the only way to truly help you grow is to help you discover your own innate wisdom and spiritual gifts. That’s why, even when I tell you things that are difficult for you to hear, or sometimes downright painful to realize, it’s meant inspire you.

Spiritual teachers have known for centuries that unconditional love can inspire and motivate us to do things that might otherwise go undone. It unlocks our souls so we can become better Creators. My job is to reconnect you with the Light within you. I understand that your soul already knows everything you could ever need to know – I’m  just helping you re-establish a bond with that part of yourself.

Wishing you the very the very life has to offer to you,


2 thoughts on “What Is a “Spiritual Coach?”

    • Hi Laureen. Thanks for asking! My fee is $100 a session, and I have discounts for multiple sessions. A session is typically from an hour to an hour and a half long. You can call me @ 720.448.3385 and we can set up an appointment.

      Don’t forget, I have a new website, http://www.anthonyquinata.com!


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