Yours for the Asking!

If you’re going to make any sort of change in your everyday reality, you must first change your thinking! I’ve offered a few suggestions to do that.

  • Pick a goal, and set an intention.
  • Choose someone you think highly of, and know that what you admire about them is true about you.
  • Create vision boards of what you want to see in your life because your brain thinks in pictures.

All of this is to help you change your focus, and by doing so, you’ll change your beliefs.

Now I want to share a “secret” with you. Every time you ask a question, your mind must find an answer. It has no other choice.

In a previous post I talked about affirmations. I tried them and they didn’t work for me. I heard from one man who told me that he said an affirmation, and it did work for him … after saying it continuously … every day … for two years. No wonder it didn’t work for me! I gave up on each and every one of my affirmations long before two years was up!

The reason it didn’t work for me, and it doesn’t for most people, is that it goes against the formula – memory (past) becomes belief, which becomes what we observe, which becomes our reality.

Let’s say your goal is to become a millionaire. So you start affirming, “I’m a millionaire, I’m a millionaire, I’m a millionaire,” over and over again. Your subconscious mind searches for a memory that substantiates what you’re saying. It doesn’t find one, and ignores it.

So how do you get your subconscious mind to pay attention, even accept the idea? You ask it to … literally.

Rather than affirming, “I am a millionaire,” try asking, “Why am I a millionaire?” This piece of genius is something I learned from Noah St. John, Ph.D. He refers to it as “afformations.”

The beauty of doing this is that you’re not making a statement that your subconscious mind doesn’t believe, but asking a question; and when you ask a question, as I mentioned before, your mind has no choice but to find an answer, every time you ask.

And it’ll work with each and every one of your intentions.

Here’s one more secret. When you ask the question – do not answer it. If you do, you’ll be answering from your current level of awareness. Just ask the question, let God figure out the details.