Accessing Divine Guidance from the Field of Unlimited Potential

My friend Melanie Blystra, whom I’ve talked about before on here, is an incredibly talented artist, who specializes in hand making beautiful, custom, greeting cards.

She recently committed to honoring her talent, and share it with more people. Along those lines, to enter a card in a contest. She posted what she’s going to enter on Facebook this morning. The reason I’m writing about this is because this morning she posted, “The Idea came to me just before I woke up this morning.”

I mentioned this briefly in a previous post, when I talked about that time when we’re awake (though we may not even know we’re awake), when we don’t know who we are, and what we can’t do. We’re not operating from our beliefs, and we’re open to Divine guidance.¬†Usually, what seems to happen is that we wake up, and write off the wisdom we’ve receive once we remember who we think we are.

One of the things I do when I wake up, while my eyes are still closed and I’m dancing in the Field of Unlimited Potential, is to ask myself, “What do I need to know now, that I’m missing?”

Tomorrow morning, I’d like to suggest that you do the same. You might be surprised at just how much wisdom you have access to!

P.S. It’s a good idea to act on what you receive!